About Us

Meet Us

Shannon D. Richardson

Co-founder & CEO

Shannon is a health and nutrition connoisseur as well as, mentored under Tai Lopez for a year. He looking to combine he’s skillful knowledge in both areas to make you successful!


Andrew J. Copp

Co-founder & CEO

Andrew has experience working some of the top digital marketers including Tai Lopez, Ryan Levesque, Ryan Deiss and Billy Gene. Bringing you a wide array of knowledge both in and outside of the restaurant industry.

Our Story

Andrew here! Thanks for stopping by

My partner Shannon and I have spent 3 years working with the best digital marketers in the business.

We’ve worked with, and have been mentored by, guys like Tai Lopez (who voted the best digital marketer in the world by Entrepreneur Magazine and has one of the most popular TEDx talks with over 8 million views), Ryan Levesque who authored the best selling Book ASK which has over 600 amazon reviews, and Billy Gene Shaw who runs the biggest social media agency.

We’ve spent over 1 million dollars in paid advertising that has earned 10x, 20x that amount. Yet, we never thought we’d be here! Raised in inner-city New York, Shannon and I was the only athletes in our whole high school that earned scholarships to play college sports.


Shannon playing lacrosse and me playing football, it was our way out. Shannon went to a school in Phillipi, West Virginia where he played 4 years of Division-II lacrosse.

I went to the University of Oregon where I transferred to a junior college and earned a scholarship to play Division-II football at Seton Hill University. Unlike Shannon, I wasn’t cut out for University. He graduated with a Major in Physical Therapy, and I dropped out after my sophomore year when I got an opportunity to work for Tai Lopez. I always felt that what college taught too much theory. And I never really liked the idea of learning from professors who never done it themselves. “If you’re such a good entrepreneur, why aren’t you doing it yourself!” is what I often thought.


Although now I realize this thinking is flawed, I am often surprised (not really) to find out that I am not alone. Many entrepreneurs, restaurant owners specifically, don’t know how to use the tools of today (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Email, Text Message Marketing, etc..) to earn their business more money tomorrow. And I can’t blame them!

By the time school teaches you anything relevant, it’s already become obsolete. And the guys who do know it charges 10k for a mastermind that meets in the middle of nowhere 4 times a year. And who has time for that? Especially when anytime you take a minute to yourself fire after fire after fire happens. And that’s where we come in. We help restaurant entrepreneurs use the tools of today, to make money tomorrow (I mean literally, tomorrow!). As millennial (I know you hate us) we will show you how to leverage social media, the right way, to start bringing in customers and putting butts in seats. By helping spend over a million dollars in paid advertising we’ve had our fair shares of wins and losses. Yet, each and every time we’ve learned something new. That way you don’t have to go through the same pain. Working with porridge media you leverage two minds who’ve worked with the best in the business. And a team that will communicate, be transparent and actually give a damn about your results. Want to chat? Fill out the form below and we’ll send you a calendar, and show you campaigns that we’ve run in the past to help restaurants like you feed more mouths!