Restaurant Marketing Service

Social Media For Restaurants

Can you really use social media to grow your restaurant? On average, restaurants spend about 3% of their gross revenue on marketing. So for any restaurant owner it’s extremely important for you to:

1) Track where every dollar is going. And…

2) Determine if it’s worth the investment in the first place.

Restaurant Email Marketing

How many time have you had little kids come in your restaurant, swing on your swing, only for them and their stingy parents never come back? What if I told you just by using your email database, and all of the contact information that you already have available to you, you could get everybody who has came into your restaurant to back… again and again. Or at the very least continue the conversation by showing them some of your best promotions.

Restaurant Text Messaging

What are some of these bigger franchises doing that you can be doing yourself? I just read a report that said text messages have somewhere north of a 98% open rate? Imagine having a database where you knew 98% of people were going to see your messages. How important would that be for your business? How would that change your business?