Restaurant Email Marketing

Finally - A Way To Get Customers Coming Back Time and Time Again Even If You Rely on Yelp, Groupon and Word Of Mouth For Your Marketing.

How many time have you had little kids come in your restaurant, swing on your swing, only for them and their stingy parents never come back? What if I told you just by using your email database, and all of the contact information that you already have available to you, you could get everybody who has came into your restaurant to back… again and again. Or at the very least continue the conversation by showing them some of your best promotions.

One of the things that we love to do in our business for our clients, restaurant owners, is we like to take their email database and we like to get the people who’ve already came to the restaurant to come back again. To the naked ear, it makes so much sense. Yet, many restaurant owners overlook this. 

I was reading a study that stated it takes, on average, seven touches to turn a prospect into a new customer. However, it’s much more cheap, and less time consuming to get somebody to come back than it is to get a new customer.

The first thing: you must, must, must be doing is collecting emails. I go to restaurants all the time, people take our order, they sit us down but maybe one out of every 75 restaurants we go to actually say, “Hey, what’s your email? We’ll email you your receipt.” We’re getting to a point in marketing where not having having a strategy to keep in touch with your customers is a losing proposition. 

Now, you might think collecting emails is intrusive. Yet, what most don’t realize is emailing people directly isn’t the only benefit of an email. We upload your database into social media sites like like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and directly speak to our customers where they’re already hanging out. Their phone.