Restaurant Text Messaging

Attention - Text Messages Receive 98% Open Rates. What is Your Restaurant Doing To Take Advantage Of This?

What are some of these bigger franchises doing that you can be doing yourself? I just read a report that said text messages have somewhere north of a 98% open rate? Imagine having a database where you knew 98% of people were going to see your messages. How important would that be for your business? How would that change your business?

I think we all know the importance of that but not only will getting text messages help you just reach people but if you combine text message marketing with some of the offers that you’re probably most likely already having in your business, it’s a powerful combination. Right? So, somebody came into your restaurant, they gave you their number because you had to give them their receipt. Well, you hit them up in two weeks saying hey … You know, what … Applebee’s just had like a $1 margarita? Imagine getting a text two weeks, I got a $1 margarita. Well, it’s very unlikely I’m going to go to a restaurant I just already went to two weeks ago. Right?

So, I went to the University of Oregon. I studied business, not that university is the best place to study business but one thing I did learn is that the power and the fortune is in the follow up. I know that that’s mostly applied to sales. Right? Okay. Somebody calls and you want to follow up, follow up. I mean, there’s no better way to monetize any business than having repeat customers. You know the power of repeat customers, I know the power of repeat customers. There’s nothing like having a client, you know, on retainer month after month because you’re delivering good results. It should be the same thing for you. It shouldn’t be that people come in and then they go. I mean, restaurants is one of the most competitive industries. Right?

Somebody can go to a restaurant every single day in Manhattan for their whole life and not repeat for 40 years. With competitive like this, how are you standing out?