Social Media For Restaurants

How Do I Bring More Customers Into My Restaurant Using Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Ads.

Can you really use social media to grow your restaurant? On average, restaurants spend about 3% of their gross revenue on marketing. So for any restaurant owner it’s extremely important for you to:

1) Track where every dollar is going. And…

2) Determine if it’s worth the investment in the first place.

Or else you’ll be solely reliant on word of mouth (which you have no control over), or even worse, Yelp reviews. Marketing is something you should be able control. Right?

If you’re like most restaurant owners you’ve spent your entire life dedicated to the craft. You love your customers, you love your staff, and you’ve dedicated countless hours to your business. On the other hand, you realize that you are in one of the most competitive industries in world and if you don’t continually try new things to differentiate yourself in the market place, you will lose customers to the dozens and dozens of other restaurants fighting for your customers.

So what are you to do?

Lessons From One Of The Most Successful Food Establishments

Boston Market really became big in the late 1990s and early 2000s through direct response mail advertising. One of the things that made them so big was that they tested offers. One campaign they’d test 50% off chicken. The next campaign they’ll bring your wife and she gets half off.

The truth behind marketing is that it’s impossible to know with 100% certainty what advertisement is going to work.

It’d almost be a slap to your face for me to come into your restaurant that you’ve owned for 5, 10, 15 or 20 plus years and say, “Hey, try this campaign and it’ll transform your business over night.”

The real marketers come with you with either 1) Experience in the industry or 2) A hunch of what will work coupled with a scientific way to test a series of hypothesis.

Now, I hope I didn’t get to technical there. The last thing I’d want to do is bring you back to boring grade school. 

However, the key to transforming your business is to be able to come up with and test a lot of different offers QUICKLY. Shutting off what doesn’t work and doubling down on what works.

Using Social Media Marketing To Skyrocket Your Already Successful Promotions

How can you use the power of Facebook, the power of YouTube, to get more butts in your seats?


Probably the most important factor in any advertising campaign is targeting. No matter how good your offer is, if you’re talking to the wrong audience they’ll never be interested. Ever.

Most restaurant owners I speak to know how far their customers are coming in from.

Whether it’s 10, 20 or 30 miles away. Using the other of social media, we can put your promotions right in front of the correct audience.

We can also narrow it down by men or woman only.


Just like targeting, the opposite is true.

If you are speaking to the right audience, but the offer is wrong, they will never buy. This is when we need to put ur Boston Market hat on and be creative.

For new clients, we always start with the low-hanging fruit.

1)What offers, promotions, discounts or specials have you used in the past that have worked?

2) Do you have the proper assets (Videos and/or pictures with good lighting)

3) If not, can you get those.

Then we amplify what’s already been working.


One thing that social media has above print advertising or TV ads is your ability to know exactly what you’re paying for.

All social media platforms provide in-depth reporting allowing you to know exactly which ads are working and which are not. Allowing you to quickly step in, turn and ad off, saving you thousands of thousands of dollars.

Word Of Mouth At Scale

Whether or not you like Facebook, YouTube or anything like that, we all know the power of receiving a recommendation from a friend or someone who we look up to.

In the recent years, a strategy called influential marketing has really grown in popularity. 

We could find some of the most popular models in the area, star athletes amongst others.

I know Shannon and I had a restaurant near our high school who had all the athletes on the wall. Now, what if we could find the athletes for you and have them come to your restaurant? And have them post all over their social media.

What kind of brand awareness would that bring your business?